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  1. Dragox

    quick update too: a few days ago got void + fire cape and a few levels too
  2. Dragox

    Fergusito562 and the last one LDragox
  3. Dragox

    hello guys! been a long time hope everyones doing good. so yeah i reestarted to play osrs with another account while my main still on rs3 just to have fun here's some lvls since i've been working slowly; next goals are: - getting full void (ofcourse with elite top and legs with the achievements) - getting some decent skills atleast 70+ all - getting a lot of cash from slay and maybe pvm
  4. Dragox

    well i think is a bit too late but merry christmas collision hope y'all had a good one with your friends and familiy!
  5. Sup buddys how's everyone? hope y'all are doing good!

  6. Dragox

    congrats man!
  7. Dragox

    Finally i did it after a long way grinding finally got 99 runecrafting as my final 99 and finally got my max cape fuck yes
  8. Dragox

    98 runecrafting, 1 more to go
  9. Dragox

    nice one bro