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  1. Seb

    Hey dude. I'm on periodically. See you on discord mostly.
  2. Seb

    Next time you're on drop me a PM with your phone number. I don't have facebook or social media but I'd love to keep in touch via text or w/e.
  3. Seb

    Big update soon. Here's a big drop I had this summer. And my Jad pet.
  4. Seb

    What is your RSN? Would love to catch up.
  5. Seb

    It's been a long year my friend. Ready for some summer vacation.
  6. Seb

    Hey dude! Forums aren't very active but people still lurk. I'll get you added to CC, I won't be on much today but we have a solid small group that play and do low level bossing. Glad to hear from you!
  7. Seb

    Hey bud, how are you doing? How's life?
  8. Seb

    To any current or future lurkers: Merry Christmas. I hope 2018 has been great for you.
  9. Seb

    Well it's November now so I'm feeling good.
  10. Seb

    Always the busiest month of my year. How are the few lurkers doing?
  11. Seb

    They've been fucked on RS3 for years. I hope the game doesn't die though. Too much nostalgia.
  12. Seb

    Trippy shit.
  13. Seb

    On full release it will be f2p. Trust my dude.
  14. Seb

    School starting back. Third year teaching now. Starting to feel really old, haven't been sleeping well. Can't really complain though. All we can do is our best!
  15. Seb

    Open beta on Android. iOS supposedly soon.