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  1. Simm

    no life
  2. Simm

    i will
  3. Simm

    u 99 yet
  4. Simm

    i bought my 1st house
  5. Simm

    when are we playing
  6. Simm

  7. Simm

    all i know is that politics is bullshit i dont believe is that bs at all
  8. Simm

    no i sold my account, i play now and then on randoms acc
  9. Simm

    green drag
  10. Simm

    play osrs nub
  11. Simm

    its on pc idiot
  12. Simm

    yoo on joue quand haha
  13. Simm

    powerbot.org tribot.com idk
  14. Simm

    bot on 07 bro 1m = 1$