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  1. Laurent

    Imagine if we had this back in the day we used to afk bandits with guthans. Life would be so much easier
  2. Laurent

    Nothing better than some woodcutting to blow off some steam huh
  3. Laurent

  4. NHLer Bryan Bickel, 3-time Cup Champion, was forced to retire from the NHL today. Very sad story, within the span of 18 months his production went down the drain, so because of his big contract, he got traded and then eventually sent down to the minors. He knew something was wrong but nobody was able to figure it out/diagnose him. The last clip from the end of the feature was yesterday, which was before he announced that he would retire (today). He will play the last 2 games of the season and then call it quits. /
  5. Hello, It's me.

    1. Seb
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      i was wondering if after all these years you would like to meet


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      Iron Tager

      To go over everything