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  1. Talahassee

    Speaking of same old, same old, I might have to tank another tornado today lol
  2. Talahassee

    I'm doing good, same old same old. How are you guys?
  3. Talahassee

    Anyone around?
  4. Talahassee

    I'm a couple months late, but I'm good lol
  5. Talahassee

    Hell yeah man, nice.
  6. My kid loves dinosaurs so I've been trying my hardest to get him to watch these shows.. Dragons = Dinosaurs right??! Damn Boss Baby and Moana...
  7. Talahassee

    Damn, I remember losing all my shit numerous times trying to sell cooked tuna to pkers at varrock lvl 1 wildy. Also remember following people around annoying the shit out of them for no reason. Drop parties and "Whodunnit" telegrab lol I remember black/mith/rune chain + black/mith/rune legs + santa hat in fally = e-daters preferred style lol
  8. Talahassee

    Didn't do shit, ain't got shit planned until maybe October. Might go to Orlando for a couple days.
  9. How is everyone? Been a minute. Hope y'all taking care of yourselves.

    1. Seb


      I'm alright man.  How's life?  How's the kid??

    2. Talahassee


      2018 overall has been pretty shitty, but my family is doing well. I've been jamming out to the Little Einstein's trap remix on youtube and now my son loves the show lol

  10. Talahassee

    Hmmm.. Almost a year now. Where you at JaGeX?
  11. Talahassee

    lil dicky is the best lmao
  12. Talahassee

    My assistant was born 3 years before i started playing. this game is old as fuck and so am i. shit..
  13. Talahassee

    my assistant watches ninja in the office.. that nigga is filthy rich off this shit lol
  14. Talahassee

    way to go son
  15. Talahassee

    Philip Defranco did a pretty good story on it