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  1. Neto

    Damn seb is GRINDIND
  2. Neto

    Damn man very nice. Great stats so far.
  3. Neto

    Merry Christmas everyone, hope everyone is having a good one.
  4. Neto

    when are you going to be active on discord? this xmas/new years?
  5. Neto

    Good what about you?
  6. Neto

    logging on now to check this out, better be f2p
  7. Neto

    damnn jagex
  8. Neto

    Damn.. Need to be p2p to play
  9. Neto

    Is it open for everyone?
  10. Neto

    It's winter in brazil
  11. they're interesting as fuck right
  12. They're playing hardcore ironman irl theres been a huge surge of primitive tech channels popping up on youtube. I always find this shit interesting as fuck.
  13. Neto

    damn seb nice, you're making me want to start up again.