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Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct and Rules

Collision will hold all its members, staff, and leadership to a high standard. While a member of this community we expect you to be polite and respect other members.



  • Respect - Earn it, don't ask for it.
  • Personal Attacks - We do not tolerate racism, harassment, discrimination, etc.
  • Maturity is something we hold high. Be respectful when speaking out on forums and Teamspeak.
  • No Offensive Material - This includes but its not limited to pornography, disgusting videos/sties, or anything else we deemed to be inappropriate.  There are plenty of other sites for that material. If your avatar or signature contains anything offensive material it will be removed. Ignoring this rule will result in a permanent banned from our community.
  • Account Security - It is your responsibility to secure your forum account. and any gaming accounts you use. We will not be responsible for damages caused by a third party. If you share your account with someone else it will be your responsibility.
  • Black Market - We do not allow any type of black market services. While we cannot stop you from participating in these activities keep in mind that we are not responsible in any way shape or form. 

By registering and using our forums you agree to our rules and agree that you will not post or private message anything that is obscene, vulgar, hateful, or otherwise violate any laws or any rules including TeamSpeak or any games discussed on forums.


Keep in mind that we cannot cover every rule. Use your head and don't start trouble. Rules are inclined to change at the sole discretion of the leadership of this community.




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